Find the library’s acceptable Internet and Computer Use Policy?

  1. The computer is available for one hour of use per day, unless no one else is waiting to use it. Then the original user must relinquish the computer immediately.  Repeated reminders that you need to give up the computer could result in loss of computer privileges.
  2. The computers will be made available based on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. No more than two people may work together at a computer
  4. The Library recognizes that the Internet contains some material that is inappropriate for children. Library staff are unable to monitor children’s use of the computers.  Parents/Guardians are encouraged to discuss with their children issues of appropriate use and electronic information network safety.
  5. All Internet users must monitor their own use of the Internet. This is a public facility.  No one should be at any website which contains violent, sexually offensive, dangerous, unlawful, facially demeaning, or pornographic material.  Patrons are asked to be very careful in this regard.
  6. Patrons may not visit pornographic sites or play internet games on library computers.
  7. Patrons are not allowed to download or save to the hard drive. If you need to save information, you may use your own flash drive or other portable storage device.
  8. Patrons may not violate copyright laws.
  9. Patrons should be aware that information obtained on the Internet may or may not be reliable, accurate, or current.
  10. Email is permitted, but no Email attachments may be opened because of virus danger.
  11. The Library does not censor or endorse the viewpoints found within information accessed through the Internet.
  12. The Library is not responsible for any illegal activity or commercial activity conducted while using the Internet or Email.
  13. If a person leaves his computer for more than five (5) minutes, it is assumed that the user is not returning and the computer will be considered unoccupied and ready for the next person’s use.