Find out who is entitled to obtain a library card?

  • Residents are patrons who live inside the City of Olney.  They will need to present two appropriate identifications and list a reference person who has an Olney phone number.  Their card is renewable in three years.
  • Nonresidents are patrons who do not live inside the City of Olney, and live within Richland County.  They may purchase a borrower’s card for a yearly fee of $55, which is comparable to the average amount paid in taxes by an Olney resident.  Nonresidents who own property in Olney will be issued a one-year card upon presentation of a current tax receipt for the Olney property owned and appropriate identification. Nonresidents who live outside of Richland County must visit the library within their home county for a library card.
  • Reciprocal borrowers are those patrons who hold a library card from another library which is a member of the Illinois Heartland Library System.  Patrons must have their library card from their home library to borrow books.