9/11 Trivia Questions Week 4

Here are the 9/11 trivia questions for week #4.

Here are the answers for week #4 of the 9/11 trivia questions.
1. TV transmission equipment
2. YES
4. #5 WTC
5. Windows on the World
6. stairwell
7. 86
8. 1966

We hope you have enjoyed the trivia questions.

9/11 Week #3 Trivia Answers

The answers for week #3 of the 9/11 Trivia questions are as follows:
1. National September 11 Museum
2. Homeland Security
3. George W. Bush
5. All of the above
6. Manhattan
7. 2001
8. Twin Towers
9. All air traffic was halted by the F.A.A.
10. Two minutes later

Our next set of 9/11 trivia questions will be posted on Monday, October 9.

Ruthie Shelton Book Signing

The library will be hosting a book signing on Saturday, October 28, 2017 from 12:00pm – 2:00pm with author Ruthie Shelton.
Her new book is “Magnolia’s Life: Reality or Dream World”.

Ruthie has also written “Inside the Shelton Gang: One Daughter’s Discovery”, “The Untold Story: Death, Deceit, Discovery”, “The Untold Story: Shadows, Siblings & Suicide”, and “The Untold Story: Help, Hope & Happiness”.
Make plans to stop in, say hello to Ruthie and check out her books.

September Drawing Results

The winners for our September drawing are as follows:
Non-residence card – Maria Rudolphi
Fit Board – Laurie Tolliver
Tiger Booster Cards – Carrie Bielecki
Friends of the Library book bag – Gail Lathrop
Children’s book – Wyatt Hawkins


Week #2 Trivia Questions

Here are the 9/11 trivia questions for week #2.  9-11-trivia-questions-1.pdf

The answers for the 9/11 trivia questions week #2 are:
1. Rudy Giuliani
2. Ground Zero
3. Canada
4. Reflecting Absence 
5. St. Paul’s Chapel of Trinity Church
6. Let’s Roll!
7. 8:46 am
8. Freedom Tower
9. U.S. Capitol Building
10. 3
The next set of trivia questions will be posted on Monday, October 2.


To get ready for the “9/11 Never Forget Mobile Exhibit” we will be posting weekly (Mondays) 9/11 trivia questions. This is our first week questions, the answers will be posted on the following Saturday.

Click here for the pdf

The answers for the 9/11 trivia questions (posted 9-18-17) are:
1. Al Qaeda
2. 4
3. 2
4. PA
5. Pentagon
6. 0
7. Afghanistan
8. 19
9. 24
10. Tuesday
The next set of trivia questions will be posted on Monday, September 25

Free DMV Driving Test


The Olney Public Library would like to announce a partnership with Driving-Tests.org, a company dedicated to driver safety and education, to offer free Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) practice tests to library patrons. The new service includes free tests specifically based on the state’s DMV materials. It is the only site of its kind to include accessibility tools that let users hear selections read aloud, make them into MP3s, translate pages into other languages, magnify text, and mask portions of the screen for greater visibility on the practice tests.

This partnership allows the Olney Public Library to harness the power of Driving-Tests.org’s specialized practice exams to turn new drivers into safer drivers. The new program will work as an outreach to several valued groups of patrons, including teens, those with disabilities, and seniors who need to take a renewal exam, as well as patrons at every other stage of life.

Driving-Tests.org is a part of Elegant E-Learning, Inc., an eight-year-old company with a proven track record of revolutionizing online resources for learner drivers. Driving-Tests.org is part of a plan to improve global driver safety by providing free practice tests written by experts to anyone who wants to study, along with online copies of official study guides. To help achieve this goal, the company has also created driving practice sites for the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and India.

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