May 9, 2017

I.    Call to Order-Roll Call
II.   Recognition of visitors and public comments
III.  Secretary’s report, approval of previous meeting’s minutes
Approval of April 11, 2017 minutes
IV.  Treasurer’s Report
  Approval of April Treasurer’s report
  Approval of bills payable
V.   Committee Reports
A. Finance Committee
B. Personnel Committee
C. Policy/Bylaws Committee
  Discuss/vote on Library Board of Trustees Bylaws policy for revision
  Distribute current Friends of the Library policy for discussion at the
June meeting.
D. Building/Grounds Committee
Tree near parking lot, outside benches, sign, curbing, sewer
E. Public Relations/Marketing Committee
Report from May 8, 2017 meeting
F. Technology Committee
G. Planning Committee
VI.   Friends of the Library
  Report from April 17, 2017 meeting
  Next meeting TBA in the fall
VII.  Librarian’s Report
VIII. Correspondence, Communication and Public Relations
IX.   Old Business
X.    New Business
Budget adjustment for 2016-2017 revenue
XI.   Executive Session
XII.   Adjournment



Supplies Needed!

In anticipation for our Summer Reading Program (sign-up starts the week of May 22nd, first Story Hour on May 31st), we are collecting toilet paper tubesplastic water bottlesplastic water bottle caps, and cardboard cereal boxes to be used for our crafts! Anyone having any spares are welcome to bring them to the Olney Public Library during normal operating hours, Monday through Thursday 10am to 7pm, Friday and Saturday 10am to 5pm.

Thank you for your support!

Friends of the Library April Book Sale

The Friends of the Library April book sale has been cancelled and will be rescheduled in the fall. If you had already gathered books for the sale, you are welcome to bring them to the library anytime. These books will then be made available to the public through the library’s donation carts.

3M Cloud Update

Public Library Merges eBook Collection

The Olney Public Library is happy to announce that we have chosen the 3M Cloud Library as our exclusive platform for eBooks and downloadable audiobooks! If you are already using the 3M Cloud Library, you know that it is very easy to use. For those of you who are new to the 3M Cloud Library, please visit ebook.3m.com to get set up or grab our general how-to brochure. We think you will love it.

3M Cloud Apps Update

Over the next few days, readers who have previously installed the 3M Cloud Library will receive notifications to update their apps. The older apps will still work, but the changes in the new apps will allow readers to use the new domain. If you encounter errors while attempting to use the 3M Cloud Library, it is recommended that you update the application through your device’s app store (iTunes Apps or Google Play). As a reminder, if you are using a Kindle Fire, you will need to update your app by downloading the new app from http://yourcloudlibrary.com

It’s very easy to sign up for and use the 3M Cloud Library, but if you find that you need a little help, simply stop in or contact us for one-on-one assistance.

Olney Public Library

You can look forward to an expanded selection of eBooks and downloadable audiobooks all in one easy-to-use place!

Happy reading and listening!